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One way to build interest around what you offer is by consistently creating high-quality content. And a great way to get established as a leader in your industry is to start a podcast.


Podcast Exchange Members in “What’s Hot” of iTunes

Podcast Exchange Member #1 in 3 categories


If you want to have an online presence, releasing high-quality content consistently is essential. Putting out quality content is necessary for building your online following, keeping your existing following interested, driving traffic to your website and ultimately enrolling new clients into your programs.

I’m Co-Host of two hit shows Thriving Launch and Lasting Love Connection Podcast with my partner Kamala Chambers.


Podcast Exchange Member and My Show on the Front Page of iTunes (ahead of Shaq’s podcast)

2 podcast exchange members top of iTunes


Using a podcast we’ve been able to meet people like 19x Oprah Guest – Dr. Harville Hendrix, Don Miguel Ruiz, Marianne Williamson, Dr. Joel Fuhrman and many other amazing people.


Kamala and I meeting Marianne Williamson

meeting Marianne W.


I’m going to share with you how to easily create high-quality content and how to do it in a way that builds your following and aligns you with the best experts in your niche.

A podcast is basically an audio recording available on iTunes and across the Internet.

Maybe this sounds familiar, every week; I used to dread creating a newsletter. I’d procrastinate and put it off and if I DID get around to it, then it would take me a ton of time and hardly anyone would open my emails.

Now that I podcast, I interview well-known experts, they provide the content, and then they share the show with their audience.


Podcast Exchange Member #3 In 3 of His Categories (and look at all his Exchanger neighbors).


Now, hold on, before you start scratching your head and thinking, “Great another thing to learn. One more thing to do…”

Podcasting is super simple and today I will show you how to do it.

If you do an interview based podcast – this will allow you to connect with famous people in your industry, which will boost your credibility. You’ll get access to your guest’s followers and it can open a whole new world of opportunities.


Podcast Exchange Member Meeting Gary Vaynerchuk (over 300,000 views)

Gary V with Kent This Could be you


Through podcasting, my partner and I have interviewed and connected with all of our heroes. Best-selling authors, world-rounded researchers, frequent Oprah guests, multi-millionaires, actors.

With podcasting, we’re able to quickly create blog posts, drive traffic to our website, and ultimately sell our programs. The Podcasters Secret Weapon is THE training to get your podcast launched, boosted, monetized and get you connecting with famous people in your industry.


Podcast Exchange Members Ranks #1 in 3 Categories

Shawn makes it #1 in 3 categories, give me shot out